The problem.

With primary and secondary education being a compulsory and competitive structure in Singapore, many, if not all our students, are subject to the immense rigour of the system. Of the pool of students in Singapore, those most greatly affected by this are students from low-income backgrounds with no access to tuition or academic consultation, and learn at a different pace from their peers in school. 


COVID-19 has further perpetuated this issue. With reduced contact time between students and teachers, students with no access to tuition are lagging behind their peers who have paid tuition by great extents, substantially impacting their academic performance and mental health.

And we think so, too.

Our mission is to bridge this gap. To make academic help available and accessible. To inculcate in more students the power inquisitivity and setting goals for themselves, ultimately increasing their confidence and perfomance in their academics. Regardless of financial status, or racial and religious background — we want to help.

Our passionate and dedicated volunteer tutors, otherwise known as Shareducators, come from Junior Colleges, Polytechnics and Universities from all across the nation (see project proposal for full list of institutions), and are committed to changing lives with our cause.

Objectives And Aims

1. To provide children with little to no access to academic consultation/tuition the help they need.

2. This, in turn, ensures that they are not lagging behind their peers (whose parents are able to afford tuition) and are able to keep up with the rigour of their curriculum despite the circumstances life pose.


3. To inculcate in tutees a sense of responsibility in themselves to address their learning needs by being inquisitive and willing to learn, and motivate them to aspire to excel regardless of their situation.


What we do: