Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is this programme really free? 

Is this programme really free? 

Yes — it’s completely free for parents who need the help providing their children with extra academic help. We want to put in our best effort to cater to your academic needs.  (: 

  • Since Shareducation is a non-profit initiative, what platforms and materials do you use to teach? 

Tutors are free to use any platform of their liking, but the most effective (and free) platform we use to teach is Google Meet, using a screen-share to Google Jamboard as a whiteboard to aid visual learning. 

  • How can Shareducation be sure that its beneficiaries have no access to tuition? 

That’s why we collaborate with 2 of Singapore’s well-known Volunteer Welfare Organisations (VWOs) — Bilby Community Development, and aLife Ltd. They help us organise the inflow of students whom they have identified to need the extra academic help! 

  • Who can apply to be a Shareducator? 

Any Polytechnic, Junior College or University student in Singapore, and has studied under Singapore’s MOE N-Level, O-Level or A-level system, is eligible to apply. Tutors are required to be passionate and enthusiastic, and have a good grasp of the subject they are intending to teach.

Shareducators must also keep an hour free per week to dedicate to their role, once they are attached to a student. 

*please note that tutors are not immediately attached to students, there will be a waiting period.

  • Who can apply to be a student?

If you or your family is affiliated to/ is a beneficiary of Bilby Community Development or aLife Ltd (especially Caterpillar Club members) , you are automatically eligible to apply! 

If you are a student/parent that has no affiliation to any of these VWOs, do not have any access or means to acquire tuition services, and believe in our cause, please register anyways. We will get in contact with you post-registration to find our more about your situation and how we can better cater to your needs. :)

  • So…what’s in it for Shareducators? 

Most of our Shareducators are students from tertiary institutions or Universities in Singapore, and get recognition from their schools for their community service, or exposure to an industry they’re interested in entering, such as education! 

We provide VIA hours and personalised testimonials for each tutor at their request, so that they schools are better able to take note of their community involvement. 

On top of that, what we promise is a journey of personal growth and development, such that our Shareducators learn to become sensitive, compassionate and change-making individuals in our ever-advancing society.

  • I really want to contribute to this cause, but I don’t see myself teaching. What else can I do?

Fret not! We’re always looking for more people to help us in creating social media (i.e. Instagram) content. On top of academic consultation, we are looking to take to social media to give the student population some useful insights, tips and tricks, and advice to help in their academic journey.